Congrats lost on your 11000th

You’re willingness to help others is a necessary asset to this site. Congrats!!! …and keep up the good work.

wow… didn’t even notice that… GOOOO LOST!!

lost, that’s just sick man…


EEP!!! I didn’t even notice!!!

Thanks guys! I couldn’t have done it without you :slight_smile:

so what are you going to do now? :slight_smile:
thanks man, in the course of your 11000 posts, you’ve helped me out a lot…

Hrmm, I don’t know what I am going to do now. Perhaps I will just help more people, and then spam some more as usual.

Glad I could help you in the past lava, makes me feel happy :beam: (not in that way any of you sick freaks out there)

You left out the obligatory - Not that there’s anything wrong with that disclaimer … :wink:

j/k - Congratulations Lost !!! :cool:

Well everyone knows I know there is nothing wrong with that. I want to marry Ilyas :love: He rox my sox :love:

Thanks RelandR :beam:

What the?!?!? Last time I looked he was at 10k and now I blinked and he’s at 11k?!?! :!:

Congrats Lost. =)

Well then don’t blink :crazy:

You might miss something :bad:

Thanks :beam:

congrats lost. the next time i come back in 2 weeks its going to be up to 20,000. but thanks for all of your help:P

well done lost! and thanks for the help a while back (starting battles, i cant stop now - its becomming a problem!) oh, like the new footer, but its a shame the grass had to go…:*(


I miss the grass too :*(

But it was 180K so it had to go :frowning:

180k holy crap. lol :bandit:




Didn’t mean to steal your glory Phil.

Think of it this way… at least YOU have a smiley that is cool.


LOST: You have a cool smiley too! :flower:

:stuck_out_tongue: :trout:

But Wermboy made my smiley very homosexual like :frowning:

Your smiley on the other hand Phil is AWESOME!!!

You even call it with your name, so it is obviously yours.

Kirupa and Eilsoe love you more!


I have only made it into like 1 or 2 threads in the BOK archives. And those were tag alongs. My names are just in those threads because I posted replies or some sort or another.

Younger - yeah sure.
Better Looking - my ugly self? PAH-LEEEEZE!
Complain Less Often - Eh, sometimes.
Post less religion and politics - Of course, two subjects I hate.

I didn’t read that religion thread, I opened it up then realized I didn’t even want to know what was going on. So I just left and stayed out of it. I just read the first post and that was it.

YOU are the favourite son of Kirupa… not I. You even got to talk to some kirupaforum members LIVE on the phone!!! Because your special.

Phil, you and I both know it’s not good to lie :sigh: