Connecting to Dreamweaver MX

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Dreamweaver MX is an extremely full-featured and well rounded HTML editor. Its functions, however, do not stop there. One of the most useful of these features is the integrated FTP support. This allows you to define separate FTP info for each site you are working on, and even allows for automatic updating of the files on the remote server when you save locally.

So, here’s how to use dmx to connect to a remote server.

  1. From the Files panel, choose “Site”, then choose “Edit Sites”

  1. From the dialog box that comes up, choose a site to edit. In this example, I’ve chosen “PK Grad”. Next, click the “Edit…” button.

  1. Now, choose “Remote Info” from the Category List. Choose FTP from the Access drop-down menu.

  1. Ok, now here’s where you can’t mess up. Fill out the appropriate fields correctly, double-checking as you go. In the FTP host textbox, insert the DNS IP that your hosting company has provided you with. (i.e.

  2. Next is the all-important “Host Directory” field. Let’s say for example your website is, and you wanted your files to upload under . You need to find the name of your public html folder first. On most servers, this is simply a folder called public_html, but simply use the folder where you would store your index.htm, and input the path.

For the example then, the Host Directory would be /public_html/flash .

  1. Next, your login name and password, which is pretty straightforward. Make sure to click the save checkbox so that you don’t have to keep inputting your password each time you upload.

Ignore the other checkboxes, you will know if you need to use these if you are an advanced user. However, you may want to check the “Automatically upload files to server on save” box, as this can help save time.

The “Enable file Check in and Check Out” box is useful if you are working on a project with numerous developers. This feature ensures that each developer cannot overwrite the file of another developer while there are simultaneous connections to the FTP server. Ignore if you are building a site by yourself.

When you are done filling out all the necessary info, click OK if you wish to proceed. When this is done, you may wish to click the “Connect” icon on the Site tab of the Files menu to test the connection.

You should now be connected to your server and ready to develop something killer. If you are having problems, try e-mailing your web hosting service or trying out their FAQ (which most have).

If you have any problems/questions, feel free to email [email protected]

Yep, but i only have one complaint with DWMX… Changing file permissions (chmod)… on single files…