Content visible outside Draggable Pane

I’ve managed to load MC into the content of draggable pane. The moment i scroll, the content which is a form (text and text box) will seen visible outside the pane. This doesn’t happen to the background color. When i resize the size of the pane into smaller, i can see the whole form.

It might be the mask, level or embeded problem. But i don’t how to figure it out and apply it in my DPane.

Pls help, i’m stuck to this problem for 2 weeks already.




The problem occur its b’cos i didn’t update my latest version of Flash Player.


ema, please post your file so one of us can take a look.

Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

My problem already solved b’cos of the version of flash player.

U guys are great. Whithout this forum i think i’m gonna get myself crazy doing the flash.

so true so true … thank you mr. kirupa sir for making this great place for us to post. i’d be lost without it