Conversion from FlashMX2004 to DirectorMX2004

Ok. Let’s say you do this HUGE project in flash for the web and it took you a very long time to get all the code right and all the graphics looking good and you release it and everyone loves it and then you’re asked to put it in a kiosk, make everything about it better and add way more media to it.

Is there some way to just… convert what you have in flash directly to Director? I’m not talking about just importing the .swf. I’m talking about actually turning each movie clip or graphic or symbol into its own cast member in Director, and having all of your actionscript lovingly converted to work, or maybe put somewhere within lingo so it would work just the same.

The reason is, the swf file is big and slow, we didn’t mean to design it that way, but it is. When you shrink it down for the web it’s just fine, but we need this thing to be full screen on a 1280x1024 screen. That makes it run slow, and when imported into Director it’s even slower. But, if we could just put all that stuff in Director, since Director is supposed to be pretty beefy and able to handle all the stuff, it would run it all just fine, right?

Refer to this post to see what I’m talking about and let me know. Thanks ahead of time to any reply.