Converting english to flash!

hey all graad master flashes! :slight_smile:

I ones surfed by a site where i could write text in one field, and then press a button which then converted the text (all special letters) to flash, in another field! you know: & = %26.

Do anyone know the url or another place with the speciel carecter codes??

you know… I’ve been meaning to post those for quite some time. Let me see what I can gather together as far as those go and I’ll post them in this thread for you.

That sounds great! :slight_smile:

Some who is very important to me is: ! ? : / Å Æ Ø å æ ø

Hey the next post you’ll make is your 1000 post congratulation! =)

boy well isn’t that just too easy Eyez… :slight_smile: Thanks for that link.

Ohh yeah… that we like… that we like alot…!

Thx to the man we should call joe =)