Copy and paste

Ok, so in flash when i copy and paste a button, then edit a caption on the duplication, it changed on the origianal aswell.

Is there a way to copy and paste and edit the new button without the original changing?

Thanks, Ross:phil:

make a new button.


If they are both the same symbol then no.

You will have to create separate symbols (i.e movie clip/graphic/buttons)

What happens is if i put something inside a movie clip and copy it to different frames, if i edit whats inside the movie clip in one frame, it will edit the rest too.

So you will have to create them separately

the button is very complicated and contains a hell of a lot of design that cant simply be re-created as i need em all to look the same, yet mearly need to change text. is there no possible way to do this?


don’t put the text in the button.

or else no.

symbols are symbols… instances of symbols are still instances of that symbol.

Basic Flash…