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Ya if Cd’s are cheaper i wouldn’t go through the hassle of downloading. I don’t think ive bought a CD in 3 years.

As for the song if u credit the maker u should be fine. Another thing u can do is try to e-mail them. I had to e-mail goldfinger becasue i needed one of there songs for a school project. They replyed that that was fine as long as they where credited. Becasue this is a comercial project though they might want somekind of compensation. I don’t know this site doesn’t seem like one Marleys ppl will stumble onto so I wouldn’t worry to much as long as u fully credit him.

I agree with sintax.

the likelyhood of anyone holding the rights to Bob Marley stumbling across Jamin Jumps moving company is slim.

But some people like to go to court and fight.

Look at just the intellectual property rights of a photograph.

Lets say for instance you go to comstock, rip off a picture, crop it, PS the crap out of it so much that it does not even look like the same photo. If comstock could prove that the base image belongs to them it is an immediate $50,000 - $100,00 in rights/royalties/damages.

Thats quite a chunk of change.

But like I said before there are strange laws with music, you can legally sample it. I am just not sure how many secons and the specifics of it. Look at Fatboy Slim. That guy is a bizilionare from sampling other peoples works and putting them together.

I just try to be real careful about that stuff, because the client could easily point the finger at you and you would be liable.

I know I dont have $100,000 to pay bob marley. He should pay me $100,000 or at least throw me a fat sack of sticky greens.

A lot of times also if they find it and don’t like it they will just ask u to take it off. Most ppl wont go to court right away and if they do just take it down and the case will be throwen out.