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Hey everyone - quick question:

Can I use a song (Bob Marley) without corpyright issues if I credit the maker of the song - ie “song written and produced by Bob Marley” or something like that.


Unfortunatly no,

Regardless who you give the credit to it is still the intelectual property of somebody else.

the liklehood of being busted is slim, but it is there.

I think there are different rules on sampling though. 20 or thirty seconds is cool I think.

You might want to maybe look into that.

hmmmm, D@MN! oh well I’ll have to let my client decide if his company wants to take the chance or not. Thanks for the information.


Depending on the artist, if you give them full credit they will let you go, but that is another chance.

Using someone elses work without consent is it’s own risky game :-\

So what would kazaa be? An audio ‘sampling’ program…


I don’t think that kazaa is legal at all. In fact, I think they are being sued by someone… maybe?


Infact the kazaa and all the others p2p softwares takes advantage in some laws flaws, since they don´t host any file at all (they simply stablish conection between users) they are not doing any crime. The users that share copyrighted files that are the real criminals, but its impossible to track and sue every user. So the phonografic industries are trying to knockdown all p2p software companies, sure, without a good legal stand, but with a lot of money and lawyers to change the laws and minds of judges.

What in the end it comes all to the same, all p2p company owners want their company to be bought by larger companies (to be rich) and sell stuff that no one gonna by because there´s a new p2p software for free.

Sad but true

Nooooooooo, I love kazaa! Just got Minority Report…I better start racking up movies and songs now! :wink: :wink:

Dan: movies huh?? in what format, and are they good quality?


LOL, yes you can download illegally ripped movies of Kazaa.

keyword… ILLEGAL :evil:

I am guily of downloading .mp3s off of Kazaa though :-\ So I guess I can’t talk.

I have all kinds of movie: divx, .avi, quicktime…you can even get 8 mile if you wanted to!


Sorry, couldn’t resist, I can’t stand M&M (diliberatly mis-spelled like the candy, which I actually do like)

So I take it you like Skittles but not DJ Skittles? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Definitely bad… definitely definitely bad.

Thats just the thing with P2P.

Its legal to back up/rip your .mp3 files in the event you purchased the CD.

So to download a song that you have on CD is legal.

The recording industry is trying to change that law, and would outlaw P2P music sharing entirely.

I am a fan of getting free music myself. I mean I am not going to dump $15 on a disc that costs $0.05 to manufacture for one stupid song that I might like.

Therefore I am going to make a CD full of one-hit-wonder songs.

I recently read somewhere that that CD sales dropped 65% since 2000.

Thats intense.

Maybe if the artists and record execs took less of a slice and reduced the price of the finished CD, we would spend our hard earned money on CD’s

always been my personal pet-peave…

If you make it so cheap to buy the original, then stealing it is more hassle than buying it.

Of course then you need to sell 10m times the CD, but then no body would steal it… virtually every copy out there is liscensed… think of the security savings alone…


I think that if the price was drasticly reduced then you would sell 10m times the copies and you would still see the same return.

I know that if a cd was priced even $5-6 (which is still a ridiculious markup) I probably would by a cd for that one tune that I liked off the radio.

If I am unfamiliar with the artist, it is a total gamble weither or not I am even going to like the record. So my $15 might just go right down the hopper.

I would rather spend that on an 18-pack of Miller Light. I know I will enjoy that.

I know the purchase of Cd’s has gone down. But think about it, if people are downloading songs they hear from friends, and they end up liking the music, there are more chances they’ll go to a concert or purchase some merchandise. I know it doesn’t make up for the CD cost, but I think it does improve the popularity of the band.