Corpus T is born!

Well guys-

My site was born last night and it’s name through the registry this evening at 8:42 pm.



It is the Beta Version 1.1. I should have everything ready for it’s trial run in about a week. That gives me time to add some content now that I have room on my server. If you guys want to hear the wonderful things I have found about ipowerweb, go to Princess Bride and see there. Wow, what a great service! I had all sorts of prolems publishing my final version and had to hack my page to pieces and rebuild it tonight. Worked fine on the free server. Worked fine on the trial server. Didn’t work on the final server space. Tables totally wigged out. Hack, hack, rebuild. It should look normal by monday. Thanks for all of yor help with anything and everything, and just basically not kicking me out of here! :lol:
Live, jubba will respond to PB later. My rommie is snarling at me to get at the puter.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Wohoo! Awesome phil. Hope you get your table issues sorted out. Browsing through the site as I am writing this…