Gotta READ this -- Site Vandalism Corpus T

My site has been completely wiped off the surface of the earth. I have been having ‘discussions’ with ipowerweb and they got heated and terse both ways over a service issue that I eventually won over. They conceded the points and gave into what were my requests/demands. Then they called me up, told me it was resolved after an all company employee meeting regarding my service and how I had been treated. So I log on and my site comes up, and I go to my control panel to see if the issue really had been resolved. It had. I go to my site, and now the index won’t come up. I check my connection and go to yahoo. Werks. I go back, and it is gone. Still a 404. Refresh 20 times. Still gone, connection good. I then go to open my FTP and find my entire site wiped out from the public_html. Everything is gone. This has every appearance of being vandalism from ipowerweb. Thats what the appearances are anyways. We shall see what it boils down to. Can you believe this crap? All of this over statistics and updates to statistics. Well, the stats are working now. Get it? I am pretty infuriated. I am on the phone with them now, in Q.


that sucks Phil. Hope everything works out for ya

must be a conspiracy to get you…you do know they shut down whoever speaks out against them!

:smokin: scott

I agree Mak-
This is definately the work of either the American Saucer Brigade or the Men in Black trying to wear down my patience and make me give up. So, in two weeks, I have been accused of being a spy, and intelligence agency, and had my site ‘apparently’ hacked by my own Web Host. The upside? One free year of ipowerweb, the host that pays you to be there! But seriously, I think it was the CIA or the Mossad, maybe even the Mossad werking together with the Yakuza and the KGB. It has all the markings, I am sure of it. 30 hours with no sleep and Im gunna try to remake the site real quick before I go to bed. Psssst-theres is this man, across the street right now wearing all black, standing under the street light in a shadowy type of way. And a whole pile of ciggy buts under him. Anyways, I somehow was more infuriated by the other crap that led to this, and this was almost a relief valve after I had a chance to assess the situation. Their claim is this has never happened before, ever. And it is still under investigation. I haven’t even FTP’d today–Gotta run and start my site from frelling scratch–This has been someday, I’ll tell ya. Doh! That man is gone now.


Do me a favor everyone. If you visit my forums don’t mention anything about what happened today as this is still under investigstion, and the perpetrator will undoubtedly be looking for some kind of reaction to feel satisfied. He will probably be looking at the forums for any such mention. Please don’t give it. If ya wanna say anything just say it over here until I find out what happened. No sense in giving that employee of ipowerweb any satisfaction.

Do I have any legal rights to the ftp log files from their/my server? Because this has every appearance of being done by an ipowerweb employee and it seems to me that ipowerweb wouldn’t allow this to happen, (an employee to be fingered in such a dastardly deed) and probably deny me those logs to keep this hush hush. Something like this might even make their local papers if it got out that it happened. Are you following me? I still have not slept in two days, like way over 30 hours, and need to go ni ni. But my site is in a temporary home and is 1/2 alive. It got turned into a newt, but it seems to be getting better. So frelling tired. Nite all! |I

Well, I got the site back up but will have to repeat thr process once again when my new web space is created, as I am still missing many server side directories. Sucks to be me sometimes, can I tell ya? :x


so…it was not saved on your HD?? u gotta make it from scartch…and how are you so sure it was an ipowerweb employee? i’m bettin it was the cia doing the same thing they did to somalia’s website when they shut it down. :slight_smile:


:smokin: scott

No, I had backups, and it is up again. I meant to say server rather than earth. But I jumbled. I had it back up last night, thats one reason I was up so long. The other was I have had insomnia for the first time in my life for the last 5 weeks, maybe 6. Every 3rd or 4th night end up being a 30 hour day, then I have to stay up until after dinner if I want to resume to normal. sux. However it too will pass.


u sure about that? MK Ultra can do many scary things and i’m sure they were just itching to test the new stuff on some humans…ur a prime target cuz of ur site :rollin:

i don’t got $120 to spend so i guess i won’t get my site into yahoo…oh well…that is the way the cookie falls :frowning:

:smokin: scott

Could be, anything is possible. But the timing of it was uncanny. The day before 2 people were reprimanded because of my complaints, justifiable, that I was being blown off and recieving no support. Then that day, it happened all again and there were terse e-mails that came both ways, and I forwarded this chain the Vicky the Director. Then another person was reprimanded. Now 3 people. And I suspect that someone was fired already over this, as the trail was probably quite easy to follow for a web server guy who knows his junk. They phoned me back and w/o even asking offered me one free year of service, a refund of 96.00. This tells me they already knew it wasn’t an accident by me, but an internal ‘glitch’. Then 2 hours after the site went down, the stats were wiped out in a different attack. All the log files were deleted. And the log files of the stats and the update of them was what had become the issue earlier in the day and caused the 3rd reprimand. So, it does indeed have all apearances of being an internal hacker who was pissed off at me and took it out on my site. I should have listened to Renni and gotten I have their ads too on my site and could have bought from them. But their package wasn’t as nearly attractive as Ipowerwebs. Free shopping cart. 200 megs of space. 20 gigs of transfer, and on and on and on. Free Java chat. simple chat, yada yada. But then your-site doesn’t offer all that and probably has great service…But all the timing and all the evidence point in only one direction; A disgruntled employee. Or the Illuminati. I am straining betwixt the two- :lol:

this site is starting to become a lot of fun already. Thanks you guys for your help in priming the boards for what obviously is going to be an onslaught of billions of hits over the coming years— :rollin: – feel free to start new threads. And don’t get upset but with Salvation and IRS I am going to do stickies. I just didn’t do the intro cause I wasn’t feeling articulate w/o 30 hours of no-sleep. IRS belongs to Rob as thats his department of rippage and revelation on this corrupt organization. Anyone seen Rigel around? He’s probably out eating someplace, he loves French foods and wine. But he absolutely hates the IRS, he claims they are just like the Hynerian Treasury police who are well known throughout 4 star systems for their utter corruption and greed!

hmm…mayhap this may happen to others, ipowerweb you say…

Why blame Illuminati, if they did it I am sure you wouldn’t find out, trust me!

Maybe you can ask Weishaupt, Fnord, or David Icke. . .


[size=1]one world government sounds good to me[/size]

dan, b4 lost comes barging in with OLD THREAD OLD THREAD routine…lemme tell you first… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

huh. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

dunno ask lost…he thinks i’m trying to confuse people :stuck_out_tongue: :whistle:

no… that´s not like you mak. you´re the kind of person that would never do that :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Dan, if it makes you feel better i fall for that stupid routine twice :frowning:

I like routines.
I’m Tim.


■■■■, phil, thats hella unfortunate. It is also a clear sign that your site is a force to be reckoned with. I spread the link as much as possible to anyone interested, and if you ever want or need any graphics, or flash animation, hit me up, and i will be happy to make contributions, pro bono.

Are you serious about the guy outside your house? It’s becoming hard to tell the difference between when you are serious and when you are joking. I guess thats what you hafta do to keep the powers that be off your back. Peace.

Hey Phil,

There was a fairly toxic web attack over the weekend - 'think it was a worm of some kind - so don’t overlook that as a possible cause of your troubles. My ipowerweb site was down for awhile, and they had a note posted on their website about “technical difficulties” affecting a “few” customers, if you missed my earlier post on this.


would you people stop replying to this thread and let it rest in peace!!!

[SIZE=1]hmmm…wait, what am I doing?[/SIZE] Doh!! :beam: