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Hey Kirupa, Jubba, Live, Dave-
I finally figured out how to set up those forums. Take a peek and let me know how you like it. I have a few Q’s that I need answers to, as usual. Can any of you that have ez boards please email me with your address so I can do it in private? I promise not to put you on my spam list’s! Doh! :lol: But I cannot figure out a few simple essentials and need to know man. I already have more messages than Live has, na na na na na. :lol: But then I can spam my own boards now without repercussions and all that legal stuff you threatened me with Kirupa, member last week? nar nar :evil: Not that THATS much phun, but hey… :rollin:

BTW-Thanks for all your help and encouragement as I have built my structure from the ground up. I am still looking for that phinal pheel and look, but Im closer now and can start to add content-but then I already have 31 megs on this site. Man, where does that space go to? It only like 240 pages thus far I think. Where o where did it go?
[email protected]

Mucho appreciatted!
Does the color scheme suck? If it’s ok with all of you, I will change the templates later to fit my sites pheel–too much other shtuff to do.

Not bad my friend. Not bad. I like the color scheme. I posted too…:slight_smile:

Thanks Jubba-
I just started site submission. And think I learned a new secret few know about. Im not even sure Yahoo knows about it. But methinks it’s there. I will know in about 1 week, give or take a few days. Same to you Dave, thaks for your visit and encouragement–this is starting to get fun for the first time in 6 weeks. Whoooopeee. I finally have a website that doesn’t totally suck. this is a first and a milestone. Never thought I would get here-but then I have had a lot of help and encouragment.

Thanks to my fellow bipedal creatures-

you’re all bypedal!!!

ewww… I’m sorry I just can associate with you all anymore.


I knew I shouldn’t have put that in there…
less is more sometimes.


Also, I need something from all of you; Anyone who has a flash site they would like to have a link from my page to, place it in this chain. I am ready to add all the flashsites to my drop down menu; I have a few that I grabbed from Kirupa, but I thought you guys might enjoy a link as well, I just wasn’t ready. If it’s ready and you want it, put it here. It most likely will stay on the front page at least for a good while. I am too busy to troll around for them all, this wil be easier. Anyone who is a member here and desires it is welcome to this. Just leave the full h–p address so I can copy and paste.

Same thing with the web ring; If you want in, let me know the code to your site. You know what I mean Im sure; If you don’t want to make it public, then send it email; I’ll be making the ring up in the next few days, so if you want in, nows the time! [email protected]

Warm regards-
Rigel Dominar XVI :lol:
|I nite.

When mine is finished I will give it to you. I need a few more weeks to finalize.

If my site ever comes back online, I’ll give you a link, or a banner or whatever.

where has it gone Dave?

methinks his server is still down. Its been almost a week I think…

that’s a bit harsh isn’t it! I wasn’t sure what he meant, I thought he’d took it down for some reason.
Anyway have you been out on your board today jeff.
Darn you’d love the weather here proper surfing weather. I bet the beaches around the UK are packed out, we don’t get weather like this very often!
As for me I keep popping back out to the garden every half hour or so. I’m feeling kinda burnt now as I’ve been in and out since around 9 this morning and it’s nearly 5 now :slight_smile:
Bring on the summer I love it!!!

yeah i was on my board. and then I went to do a trick, and I jumped on my board, lost my balance and bit the ground. I sprained my wrist and cut up my elbow and shoulder.

If there wasn’t for your bad luck, you wouldn’t have any at all. Geepers–
But then again, I remember when I was a kid, we didn’t have none of those namby pamby school buses to drive us to school. No, we walked, even if we lived 5 miles away, and it was snowing and 3o below outside. Thats right, we walked, and sometimes our feet would trun black with frostbite and we would have to have em amputated, and we would walk funny after that and people would make fun of us, and our life would be ruined, and… WE LIKED IT! :smokin:


It was funny because I was doing huge stuff on my board all day. Perfect transfers and big things for me, and I only fell once and it only looked bad. And then, when I was just trying to push off to go do something big, I crashed and burned…hardcore…my knee is pretty screwed up too. I can barely walk on it. And I think I may have fracture one of the bones in my wrist cuz it is hurtin like crazy…oh well…I’ll be out there again Tuesday doin the same sh*t…

link again please??

wheres live?

what link are you takling about?


Jubba, I found the link to your site again. Was being lazy.
You guys-
I seem to have accidently deleted some of those messages trying to learn the system of setting up EZ. I actually think they are still there somewhere but don’t know what to do to retrieve them. I was trying to move them and organize what started as a poorly organized asking for trouble later kind of structure. I feel preety bad, and also disappointed. A learning curve I guess. Well, Kirupa & Dave, I will take any offers of help in trying to set this thing up as I can. Also, I am more than willing to allow you guys in and take a look at the settings and see if there is anything you might be able to zoom, zip, help with. I am only interested in the background theme and not losing any more messages. Anything else can be changed. It is frustrating to say the least. Especially since Im not HTML whiz. Gee whiz, I was so excited to have you guys come and post a few messages to prime the pump, then I go and delete them by accident, although I think those strands are still there as nothing ever prompted to “DELETE these Items? Are you sure?” Never saw anything like that. Im a wee bit bummed. :x But learning.

Sorry about that you guys, believe me it wasn’t intentional. Just glad it didn’t happen to the Princess Bride strand. Doh ! :lol: Let me know if your willing to go into my control panel and set up anything you know I would want. (I’ll send you my name and passwerd via email. Like I said above, the theme and the messages is all I am concerned about, anything else you guys wanna change, if your willing, I will just gladly accept and be thankful for the help. Thanks!

lol, your footer looks well cool that size!