Could some kind soul help

I’m trying my darned hardest here to get my sound file to work when I move my mouse over the button I made.

I know it’s a real basic one to you lot but I’m honestly reading and trying everything I can!

I can’t “after I’ve added my new layer called sound”
seem to get my first keyframe in the layer so it looks hollow. I know Then I add a key frame in the over and down state and drag my sound to the over and down to make it work but I’m missing my hollow looking keyframe.

Could anybody help atall I’d be most grateful.


create your button.

double click on the button to edit it’s frames.

select frame two, and choose menu option “insert/blank keyframe”.

Select frame two, if it is not already selected.

then, open your library. Grab the sound file and drag it from your library to the main stage.

you should see it apear frame 2 of the button.


rightclick/insert blank keyframe!?

Thanks ever such alot for the replies.
I’ll give it a go when I get home from work.
Cheers boys!


Thanks again upuaut8 it worked a treat! I don’t suppose you could point me in the direction of some sound files.
I’m after musical notes like on a childs keyboard. I’ve made a few but they dont sound as good as the sounds I’ve heard on the net.
I’m building a site for my daughters nursery school and I’d be really grateful if you could tell me of any sites where I might be able to get cool sounds from.

Many thanks


I could look in my archive and see what I can dig up. I’ve had similar thoughts about a navigation system for a piano store web site I’ve done some work on.

give me a couple days at most though… I’m not even sure where my sound files are these days.

Hi again
thanks ever such alot for the offer believe me I’ll be most chuffed when I get the sounds I need!
I’m building a site for a nursery as I said (hopefuly it’ll look halfway profesional by the time it’s done)
the url is…index.html

Please don’t laugh to loudley I’m 15 days in to my free flash trial and as you can imagine I’m finding things hard as a newbie hehe :slight_smile:

I’ll be well grateful if you can help I’m trying to make a bunch of clouds which when you run your mouse over each one makes a different noise like a piano.

I’ts for the kids at the nursery just a funny querk to the site.



Simon, check for 1000s of sounds!

Thanks awfully I’m on to it now! :slight_smile:



no I wont laugh… for fifteen days, that’s wonderful stuff.

Hi again thanks for the kind words and all the help.
I’m still looking for a few more sounds even though I took alot of
If you do get a chance to dig something out for me I’ll be well chuffed but don’t worry if your busy I’m sure I’ll come up with something.
I hope I’m ok to post in the future as I’ve found all the help invaluable this end.

Cheers guys.


Why wouldn’t it be ok to post agian?

That’s it… only one question per customer…:wink:

nah, post all you like, we’ll help where we can.

ps, I will look through my sounds.

Thanks m8 :slight_smile: I’ll look forward to your reply!

you know… a lot of people shortin my handle with “m8”, where does that come from… there’s not an m in my handle anywhere… you’re not the only one either… I get that a lot… very strange.

Sorry I wasn’t shortning your handle I was just calling you m8 :slight_smile:

ahhh the denseness of Upuaut shows… you meant the short version of “Mate”, silly me… no wonder I always get that… roflmao

Whers ezyeberg, aka Mr. Phreeze been lately. He hasn’t been showing up that often, ya know…



I’m not going to swear but after giving my potential client the url over a week ago! She has just told me she hasn’t had time to look at it. She says she’ll try and have a look next week some time, uh? am I missing something here she was the one who said build me a website!
Sorry for *****ing but I think it’s time to start a new
I’ve enjoyed what I learned so far though:)

Costomers, they are always so, phickle.