Could someone please check this .fla

Could someone please check this .fla.
I can understand what the problem is but i cannot seem to fix it. If someone could inform me what i should do to it i would be really grateful.
Its a .fla file of the 0’s and x’s game.



I just had a quick look into your file, I saw a lot of error, basically syntax errors like eval() written with a capital E
too be honest, the file is just too big to take a good look at it


*Originally posted by Jill *
I can understand what the problem is but i cannot seem to fix it.
Well, maybe you could tell us what you think it is, from which part of the code it could come and such…

And Steve, Flash is not case sensitive :slight_smile:

pom :cowboy:

Well when the fla is played I get an error stating,

target not found _level0 position1

(this is linked I believe to the position movieclip) but im not totally sure.

It could also be related to the tell target action in the scene frame label ‘go’ and its actions of:

tellTarget ("/player"&theplayer&“piece”) {
play ();

hope someone can understand this.

I’m assuming that you’re using Flash 5.0. If you’re using 4.0, dont bother to read this post, it doesn’t apply to you.

tell targets have changed in 5.0 to look different. I’m not sure if you’re going to understand this explination though. Please ask questions if there is something confusing, I’ll try to clarify


this is the new syntax, IF the object that you’re talking to is located on the main timeline. If not, you need to work your way up the OOP string like so


in the 5.0 method we don’t need to use the words tellTarget at all. We just call the name of the object, in relation to where the script is that’s calling it, and then tell it what to do.

In the case of a dynamic name, like you’re doing here, we use brackets to encapsulate the name, and place a dot after, but not before, the bracketed name.

“_root” just refers to the main timeline.

Like I said… this is probebly a bit confusing for you, coming from Flash 4.0 but if you have any questions please do ask.

thanks for that but still a little confused.
when i click on the spaces which are called position1-9 i am still getting the error:

Target not found: Target=“0” Base="_level0.position1"

I believe that the target “0” is the o graphic that is part of the piece movieclip.

can you help?
I know im being cheeky but if you could look at the fla, fix it and attach it again i would be very grateful.


it’s NOT case sensitive???
hmmm…I didn’t know that, in all my projects I kept that rule in the back of my head…

why didn’t you tell me this before?? :frowning: