Crash Alert! Dave, Pom, Kirupa, Eyezberg, Thoriphes

Can one of you check the thread why girls are evil? I tried going in 5 times by pressing the number three on the thread. Everytime my browser froze. Theres something in that thread that is causing a crash, and since it was so consistent, I think I am not the only one experiencing this-

Eagle Scout Jayhan here-
ok, ok, I only made it to Webelow. Thats Webelow, NOT WeBlow, just so ya know.

I think it has to do with upuaut’s server being down =) j/k, the post works well! Try again phil…


Hey Davey-
Maybe you could edit your preferences until your server gets back up, and take out that signature, and see if that stops the prob. I think Kirupa’s right as the other times on other threads this happened you were there with the whiteout signature. I think he very carefully non-blamed you for this. He’s such a diplomat that Kirupa- :lol:

Definition of a Diplomat: Someone who can tell you to go to hell and make you think your going to enjoy the trip. Doh! :rollin: