Virtual pet site ((needs programmers bad))

Hello, I’m kibble and I’m basically planning to make a virtual pet site, forum and flash based. I’ll go into actual details of the game if you ask me over aim or email, but I’m not ready to disclose too much yet. I’m basically the artist for the whole site although I do have help, but I dont really need anymore artist, what I do severally need is a programmer or two, willing to work with no pay until i can really get the website cooking and possibly get some donations to it or something. If donations are’nt the answer to help pay for any programming there will certainly be other things such as an online store I plan to market plushies and other goods from, that I already have the capability to make.
Though if you are a programmer, who knows how to use flash fairly well, along with other types of coding, please either contact me on here, or aim me at:
[email protected]

I have some new ideas for my site that I’d be glad to express if simply asked, thanks for your time ^^