Create a Photo Gallery?

look at “Create a Photo Gallery” tutorial by kirupa.

Does anybody ever trying to click the arrow and the photo never change to the next one?

its weird, but if you click again, it will go to the next picture.

either he never actually put the photo in the directory or he saved in the progressive and not standard encoding…

anyway welcome to the forums 543312 (why the hell that number anyway ?)

mlk , i think he was talking about the example that is with the tutorial, i had the same problem, that it dosent go to the next image when you first click the arrow, if you click it again, then it will go to the next image.

Oh yeah :::Welcome to the Forums 543312. :slight_smile:

Thanks you, guys.

I clicked many times, include back arrow, that stupid pea**** still refuses to leave.

I download the files. The .swf plays pea**** only, but the html file does go to next photo…wired.

How comes?

ok now you confused me :-\ You originally viewed the tutorial example , that didnt work?

::you downloaded the file and tried it locally on your computer? it works? or dosent work and only works when you view it online.

WIth the tutorial example i admit is sometimes funny, but when i downloaded the file and incoporated it with my images it worked fine. So i dont know what you mean :-\

Yes, I downloaded the files to my local drive: there’re an “animation” folder, 3 files of “pg7” in .fla, .html, .swf.

Ok, I double clicked .swf to open,----did not go to next photo.
the I double clicked .html to oepn,—did not go to next photo, neither. but that is wired—last time it did went to next photo.

Must be something not “stable” in ActionScript ?

I’m having a similar problem trying to load the images from this tutorial… I keep getting an error saying there is a problem trying to locate “c://My Documents/photos/pict1.gif”

I already edited the action script and other links as Kirupa has suggested. ANY IDEAS??

like mlk said, have you put images into the folder and saved them as non progression jpegs?

No way that this could work with GIFs??

not that i know of. Dont think flash can dynamically load gif’s.

Could this tutorial creator have a check and answer the question??/