Creating a character for my game

im creating a character for my game and i want this character to go up down left and right. I want him to while using an action to make him look like he is moving.

can someone look at this and tell me how to do this please.

thank you for your time

Hey bombsledder,
I’ve been making characters lately but the big question is what view are you wanting??? (Side on / Above???)

I’m not excelent with Action Script but tell me your veiw and I’ll have a bash at it!!!


ok. thanks im trying to create a 3d game with the character to move each and every direction with different animations.


TRIG! cough


Trigonometry ;)…

Use at least 3 frames for the walking sequence and put a stop(); on your stand still frame. This will make it seem less jerky and more fluent. I think this is what your problem is? Am I wrong?