Creating a scrollbar for text and images in MX

Hi everyone,

I want to create a customised scrollbar in Flash MX but here’s the catch: I want it to scroll both text AND images (i.e. scroll another movieclip with various content), NOT just a textbox.

The tutorial here is EXACTLY what I want, however I’ve followed the instructions to a tee and it does not work as it’s supposed to. As soon as you click on the scroller it jumps to co-ordinates (0,0) and the up and down arrows don’t work at all - no scrolling happens whatsoever. I am thinking this is because the code was written for Flash 8 and not MX… So can anyone tell me if this is possible to do in Flash MX???

I’ve also followed the tutorial which was great and I’ve had no problems with customising the scrollbar - however this is only good for scrolling a textbox.

If anyone can help out it would be most appreciated! At least if someone could let me know if it’s possible in MX that would be a start…

Thanks heaps in advance,

Michelle (Shellgrunge)