Flash MX scroll

I learnt scroll text from tutorial thanks a million for that.\rBut I couldn’t find info on how to put images as well as text in scroll bar.\rAnyone help me how to do it please.\r\rThanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Is this board DEAD or what?\rI liked the main page, but board seems rather obsolete.

sorry solobek. I’m still learning Flash MX and I’m trying to figure out all the little ‘stuff’ about it :slight_smile: I hope someone will respond to your question - I don’t know the answer to it.\r\rCheers,\rKirupa

You might try using the scrollpane component. You can place almost anything within the movie clip that your scrollpane then calls (such as pictures, buttons, links, text, etc.). \r\rHope this helps.