Creating a Sliding Movement

I am doing this tutorial. and I have completed all the steps in step one:

First here’s the tutorial i’m following ( I think its a very good tutorial):
second you may need to look at the fla and the tutorial first to know what i’m talking about.

Problem #1:
How do I place text, mc’s, any content on these pages I’ve created? In the tutorial it states to create a movie clip and inside that movie clip there are 3 instances of another mc with 3 rectangles (the page’s) placed in specific x y positions. One of my problems here is that if I try to put any content on one page then all the pages inherit the same content. I tried on a different layer and the same problem.

Problem #2:
I got it making the transitions when I click the buttons, but I have to click on the second button first before the first button will work.

I followed the tutorial exactly, what am I doing wrong?

attached is the fla to what I’m working on.

thank you,

the first button does not do anything cause im on page one!! I am such a dork. I answered that part of my own question lol

but I still cannot get the content on the pages without altering all the other pages. This tutorial did not specify to make 3 individual mc’s for the pages. Just one instance of the same mc. I’m a bit confused, cause I know you can’t change much on a symbol but alpha, tint and brightness, so how do I put content on these pages?

Any clues,
thanks again,

I forgot I need to break apart the symbols first. LOL

I don’t need any more help on this part, but I prolly will later on lol