Creating asp files using front page


Can any one help me in giving right directions for creating asp files using front page 2002. i have created some pages and I am able to enter data in to the form. But, when I try to display the data from the database, its giving the below error:

FirstName LastName Address
Database Results Error
The database connection named ‘connDatabase’ is undefined.

This problem can occur if:

  • the connection has been removed from the web
  • the file ‘global.asa’ is missing or contains errors
  • the root folder does not have Scripting permissions enabled
  • the web is not marked as an Application Root

Can any one please help me.

Hello Satish,
I really don’t know what may be causing this error. My knowledge of databases is almost zero! This maybe something that needs to be posted in the AS forum where users may know more about this. I’ll re-direct this post there.

Kirupa :bandit: