-- using the component scrollbar

Can anyone tell me how to use the component scrollbar? To make this work w/ a text field, do we need to attatch actionscript? I’m sure we do, like the scrollbars in flash 5, but… I’m confused. I’m just trying to attatch this scrollbar to my guestbook because the one I have doesn’t work!

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

All I did to make my scroll bar was drag and drop. First I drew out my text box that I want to scroll, changed it to input text then dragged and dropped the scroll bar component on top of the text box. That’s what I remember doing, but I probably forgot something… Try that and see if it works. =)

hey electrongeek, thanks for your reply pal :slight_smile:

I have the text area and scrollbar set up ok, and it is reading the text from a .txt file from my server ok, but the darn scrollbar won’t scroll! hmmm…

May I take a look at your fla? Maybe if i mess around with it, I can get it to work. :-\

absolutely :goatee:


Thanks for taking the time to check it out!

Here you go Superfrappe. I played around with it and got it to scroll, but there are few glitches I wasn’t able to figure out. This is a temporary solution for now, atleast it scrolls. Hope that helps. Let me know after you downloaded the new fla so I can delete it from my server. =)


There is a tutorial for scrolling dynamically loaded text here at kirupa.

electrongeek you rock! :slight_smile: thanks again for helping me out! you can take it off your server now… may i ask what you did to fix it? i haven’t found any new actionscript…

You’re gonna laugh when I tell you what I did. All I did was change your dynamic text box to a input text box and went into the text box and hit a bunch of returns to give it some room for your guestbook text to load into. I have no idea why it worked, but it worked, no fancy actionscripting there. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m glad I was able to help you though even though it was a unconventional method.