[xml] scrolling dynamically loaded xml text

Before I get into this, I’ll say that I’ve read the kirupa tutorial on this subject as well as the Macromedia technote…neither seemed to solve my problem.

Basically, I’m loading an XML file into a dynamic text box. I would like to use the Flash scroller component to scroll through the text, but when I drag the component onto the stage and attach it to the text box, nothing happens.

I did manage to make some simple buttons of my own that will scroll the text, but I would prefer to use the component.

Any ideas?

in flash mx u can drag scroll to stage and attach to textfield but in 2004/2004pro u cant.
so i asume u using 2004 or higher.
use the textarea instead. if the word length is greater then the box it will auto
make a scroll bar out of it

it was Flash MX, and the problem was with dragging a scroll on stage and attaching it. The scroll bar appeared, but being dynamic text it never realised there was anything to scroll and so didn’t do anything.
Just upgraded to 2004, so i’ll give textarea a shot, thanks :slight_smile:

give the text field a instan name
at the scrollbar in the parameter [color=red]targetpath[/color] put the textfield
instant name in it