Creating user update interface

One of my potential clients wants the ability to be able to update his Flash website easily after its been completed. He has no knowledge of Flash whatsoever.

What is the best direction to go here in terms of creating an interface. Is XML or PHP useful for this type of stuff?

if he has no knowledge of flash then it’s likely his programming knowlege and understanding of how the web works is limited as well. the best way i’ve found to help clients like that is to have the text in dynamically loaded files. have all the changeable information in loaded files including any graphics he may want to change

then explain to him that all he has to do is open the text file … type … and save … or if he wants to update an image just replace the image file keeping the same name and location and the flash movie will update the next time it loads.

i hope this helps

Okay, maybe my understanding is a bit limited as well. All the text I’ve ever created in Flash has been static. When you say ‘…have him open the text file…’ does that mean that dynamic text is linked to an external text file?

It means that the content of an external .txt file is loaded into Flash, so if you edit the external .txt file, the text in the Flash movie will change accordingly