Message for upnaut or anyone that knows

Upnaut,\rOn your web site you said you had a way of updating your flash site via a script and updateable text file on your server. I was wondering if you will be doing a tutorial for this soon. Or maybe Supra wil read this and know.\r\rThank you.

Exactly what type of updating are you talking about?

Hi Monkey,\rI’m talking about having a flash movie with a section that can be updated. The updateable section would be an input box with a few lines of code that would call to a .txt file somewhere else on the server. This way the flash movie can be updated without having to open up flash and users wouldn’t have to clean out their cache if they had just been to the site.

It’s actually quite easy… though it’s not on my list of important tutorials to do… I’m really attempting to get a number of tuts done which will allow anyone who completes them to come in to this forum with an even keel, knowledge wise.\rSo the idea of getting all the Newbies up to speed is really my concern. I will be working on those tutorials sometime… but they will take a while.\r\rI’ll post in here, in this thread, the method I’m using though… and give a small explination. (this will have to wait till Wednessday night to get posted though… I’m working now, and will likely be unconscious when I get home in the morning.)\r\rAs an experiement, you can try this first.\r\rOpen a new movie.\ron the stage create a text box which covers most of the stage.\rOpen your text panel, and click on the last tag “dynamic”.\rIn the pull down menu choose dynamic text.\rClick on the “variable” field, and type in, “_root.myText”\r\rClick on the “wrap text” check box.\r\rNow, on the main timeline. Choose frame two, and select menu option “insert/blank keyframe”.\rIn frame two, place a stop(); action.\rIn frame one, place the following.\r\rloadVariableNum(“externalTextDoc.txt”,0);\r\rNow… create a new text file using the notepad, or something similar.\r\r&myText=Have you seen the Jack in the green, with his long tail hanging down. He quietly sits under every tree, in the folds of his velvet gown.\r\rsave the text file with the name “externalTextDoc.txt”\r\rSave the text file in the same folder as the FLA file. Then choose test in Flash.\r\rIf nothing happens write back and I’ll think about what could be the problem.

Cool I will try it and post about how it worked out! That was really helpful, thanks! Its cool about your other tutes your working on, I understand. I can’t imagine if you had to take special requests for everyone that asked for a tute! lol

Actually, you can do pretty much anything you want with that loading text file thing. Even make a customizable (???) menu, that is to say you enter the number of topics, links, and where they all lead to, and the menu is built dynamically. Kicks asses !!\r\rpom 0]

NOTE:\rwith the text file you can add HTML, Font, Colors, links, although Flash is VERY picky when it comes to showing HTML, it needs to be perfectly formated.\r\r\r\r

You can also import Action Script via a text file… though I’m not all that sure how it’s accomplished. Suprabeener has discribed it to me.

#include text file and no; at the end

Hi Eyezburg,\rCould you tell me what you mean to include text file and number at the end? \r\rThanks.

I followed the instructions perfectly. Didnt work. :frowning: Help.

hmm… ok, let me make up an example so that you’ll have a working version to look at while you’re working on yours.


include “”\r\rnote the lack of “;” at the end, it won’t work if you include it!\r\ralso note that this is included at * compile* time. if you change the included file, you have to republish the swf for the changes to take effect.\r\rgood luck with your dynamic text!

thanks supra… I appreciate the assist