Creative driver for RC2 going south

I’ve a dual boot setup with XP and Vista RC2 and to get audio for my Vista OS with a X-Fi Extreme 7.1 card I had to dl a beta driver … my RC2 is 32bit. Now I find it will expire in less than a week and what’s worse is that of course I’ll lose audio on XP too. Creative seems to have no ‘successor’ for the RC2 32bit. What the hech do I do?
*I’m owed about 10 emails from Creative but none have shown up.

Ug :d:

Any info please & much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Have you attempted to install the updated version? The latest version also solved a lot of problems for me.

My X-Fi Xtrememusic works really well with it :slight_smile:

Hi, Kirupa,
Well I just did and now on cold boot I get no more Window’s ‘pop-up’ boxes telling me the drivers’ dying knock on wood. :slight_smile: Sheeesh, this driver isn’t supposed to work for RC2 32 but it does! I’m still knocking on wood though. :lol: