My portfolio v2. Be mean!

Ok, I had this idea and i threw myself at it wothout really plannin it. I’m quite pleased with it, but i think parts are scrappy and it’s nothing like i thought it would be. Please critique me, and if anyone has any idea what I should do with the contact section id be pleased to hear it! I know it’s not great, so feel free to be as mean as u need to be! And for once, im not gonna forget the link!

hmmm… like u said its a bit scrappy but it shows amazing potential if i were you i would keep working on this idea… good luck mate


Sorry, this site is temporarily unavailable!

Darn Geocities.

Yeah, bandwidth exceeded. At least it’s popular.

Awesome 3d concept!
I’m not too keen on the font and the colors on the circles look cheezy till you zoom in for the sections. Maybe some masking for the mouseovers on the homepage. Just clean some of it up a little and it will be awesome!

Copy and paste the address into your browser ppl

I think one thing you might wanna add is some indication for users to mouse over your name. Maybe just the letters that link have a little bounce that happens every now and then. Other than that its a cool concept and could be real nice if taken further

whoa… the 3d is cool… don’t like the colors or the font, but it’s very original!

gj props for originality!


Thanks all! I will definitely add some kind of hit for the buttons, and improve the mouseovers. Thanks. Not a lot I can do about the font and colour without remaking the entire site, but ill keep that in mind for v3. Can I ask what parts people think are scrappy and could be tidied up?