Critique me - this is something different for me

I recently registered the domain to be my business site so can be my personal/community/e/n site.

For, I’m still developing the theme and I think I’m going for an understated, calm sort of medical/science journal theme, rather than the normal “I’m the most mega l33t php cgi xml adobe hax0r pimp on the planet” theme that you see all too often.

Here is a theme development study. Its a very different direction for me and I always have trouble judging my own work. What do you all think?

concept is real good and unique, interested to see the complete application and how’s it’s put together. Way to much feather on your head, doesn’t really match up w/ the vector looking stuff, although that’s prolly just your template i dunno. Either way too much feather.

the “I’m the most mega l33t php cgi xml adobe hax0r pimp on the planet” theme gets you jobs :slight_smile:

try to get the face in the same drawing style that the body has…

thanks for your feedback guys

mlk, i was trying to mix line art and photography, and i really don’t want it to be totally line art. i understand what you mean though, the juxtaposition just doesn’t work on some basic level. how do you think i could combine the 2 more effectively?

also, i realize theres way too much feather. thats just a temp. i didn’t want to spend 20 minutes cutting out the head for something that i might find out doesn’t work. perhaps that is the problem though?

the whole image as of now doesn’t look like the head and the body are part of the same context. Plus the lines on the face need to be smoother. They look jerky like you grabbed the pencil tool and drew in in 10 min.

And please no links on the testicles :slight_smile: I don’t think it attracts clients