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Created using 3dsm/Photshop

Well I like it bro, but it’s just way to simple. Need more hidden images in there!

I see what you mean. But i like simple, simple is me

it’s simple, but so simple that there’s like nothing to it.

where does the 3dsm come in?

The glowey stuff is all 3dsm

also… the image is REALLY prone to screen glare.

it’s simple, but so simple that there’s like nothing to it.

lmao… Yeah I agree… do some more to it.

I like the simplicity of it. It’s simple in a good way. I’m not sure I’m keen on the way the one dot in the center draws your eye and then you see the text and fuzzyness in the lower right hand corner. Perhaps play with the orientation of the shapes to move your eye in more appealing direction.

What is it? It’s just way to simple. I would add more to it or put some dominant thing in there.

a little dark and plain for my taste, if you want something cool, add some light to it, and make it more abstract by shoving a random thing in there!

Why do it in 3DSM if you could do the whole thing in PS?

all I see is a little black bar…

Well ok, i guess i’m the only one who like simplicity. Thanks guys. Next time ill make it filled with stuff.

But I don’t think I’m even seeing it! I see the image I attached. I’m pretty sure that’s not it! BTW I’m using FF…

Weird!! I use FF too, hum… who knows?

k, it works now for me. But I agree; it’s not minimilistic, it’s jsut plain sorta bland and empty… sorry

aaaah! it’s alive!!! it’s moving! imo it’d be swell if the bit on the bottom right corner wasn’t there.

good job! i love miniml stuf.


kinda empty

Ok, my imgae has been deemed REALLY EMPTY. I will fill future artwork with loads of STUFF. Thanks