CSS Styles in Dreamweaver

Hi people i hope you can help!

I have used several external css styles on my webpage - www.geocities.com/cs_sub7/home.html - but after someone has been to a link the css styles no longer want to operate comming up with random colours like the default ones that come with standard links in dreamweaver. I have got the page properties so that there is no defaut colour for the css but to no avail.

Please can someone help me ! Struggling Student, Chris !

Seems to be working fine for me.

If you go to the link again - www.geocities.com/cs_sub7/home.html - then click on one of the lins on the left hand side, then click back on your browser and the rollover colours dont work !

Nope, it’s working still. Are you sure it isn’t a problem with your computer?

Im pretty sure its not my pc, its a 1.4ghz Athlon, 256DDR Ram, 40gig Hardrive, G-Force 2 graphics card, and a TFT monitor - im pretty sure its got nothing to do with that though.

What browser are you using - im using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.

So the buttons still turn red when you rollover them then? hmmmmm, strange mine and my friends pc doesn’t turn red on rollover once they’ve already been viewed.

Thanks any way ! oh also im running Windows ME if thats any help.

No I didn’t doubt there was anything wrong with your system. Even if you had less of a system, it should still work. Maybe it has something to do with your settings was my question. I am also using IE 6.