CUBic 3x Wallpaper for Kirupa…bic_3x.jpg\r\renjoy. \r\rDAN:p ro. keep designing…you’re way better than i was when i started.

What is that ? A picture of a Rubic’s Cube made in glass ?\rpom 0] \rDid you do this from scratch ? It looks really great. Much much ‘simpler’ than the other one.

What are you folks using for this? Do you start in a 3D program and bring it into Photoshop?\r\rWhat? What? What? \r\rNice work.\r\r\rt2d

I know Vts uses 3DS MAX for most of his stuff…i’m pretty sure thats what he used there…

he did… and he made a two sided material… semi-transparent, added a simple [guessing] 1.05 Index of Refraction for the glass effect… [its not correct for that shape but it looks kewl] and he threw up on the raytracing settings. looks kewl man. good job