Curse my Cursor!


I’m not sure if I’m in the right forum or not but I have a Flash MX/Director MX cursor problem that I’ve fought all day (and a forum search didn’t help me.)

Here’s my problem:

I’ve got 5 buttons within a flash movie that get placed into a Director movie. Once these oval-shaped beauties are clicked, they take you to a new .dir page. All that works great, BUT…

in Flash, when I test the .swf, the cursor works as normal for a button (hand on,off). However, when I bring the movie into Director, the AS works for calling up the new .dir, but the mouseover cursor does not.

Since my shape is not rectangular, I can’t apply a traditional rectangular sprite and apply the rollover script due to overflow onto other buttons.

Any suggestions for how to make the cursor command pass through to Director from Flash?

All help is appreciated:)