Custom Selection Boxes

FLash MX is there anything else?? :slight_smile: j/k sorry bout that!!!

Hello all,

Just wondering what or how any of you would tackle this problem:

I am working on a form that is sent to a PHP script and emails the client and company with the results.
All is good and well except for the checkboxes I am working on -
In some instances I have 4 possible checkboxes and as one is checked the others are cleared. I have done this simply by moving to a frame and reassigning the variable using the code below:
on (release) {
/:QuestionA = “New”;
on (release) {
/:QuestionA = “Existing”;
For each check box.

Here’s the question - If I want multiple boxes checked at once, say box 1 and 2 how do I set the variable to accept 2 possibilities rather than one?
Also just for clarification the gotoAndStop(2) ect just contains a symbol of a check that appears on the box that is selected.

Thank you for any and all help as always!