Using check boxes to produce a result

Lets say we have 6 check boxes.
ex: 24vac, 24vac/dc, tristate, on/off, modulating, auxswitches.
If someone checks 24vac, on/off, and auxswitches (3 boxes) then a part number of dc24-44 would populate. Depending on which boxes are checked a different part number would populate.
What is the best method to do this. We would rather not call data from an ASP page.
Thats about it
Thanks again!!!

I would say the easiest way would be PHP but u might be able to use cgi try


Thanks for the suggestion, but php,asp, and cgi are really noy an option. We would like to keep it all within the swf. We want the varables set by the on-off check boxes to produce the answer in the dynamic text box when a “populate part #” button is pressed.
Thanks Tom

You can do it within the swf, you’re just going to have to write some code, basically a bunch of if/them statements. Now, if you get clever, you could just use numbers and switches to create your logic.

Since I am not sure how much you know…

do you know how to get the values from the checkboxes?

are you familiar with if/then statements or switches?

Im just trying to get a sense of where we should start. Please let me know. We’ll work through it together!

Mr Montoya, Great flick by the way-TPB
You have helped in the past- and with great success- with either the flash and asp issue or the flash and tabs situtation.

Now for this one…
As far as a beginning…we are not stupid but we are not super smart either.
I believe we want to use the if/then statements but we can’t seem to find the THEN command. We are using Flash MX…have you seen the THEN command?=)

Check this page out…

There are a couple links in there that use different methods of doing multiple choice quizzes. Sounds like it could be useful to you.

Hey thanks to all,We figured it out.
Using a better looking check box than
the one that comes w/ mx.

files still in working stages,but…
Here you go if anyone wants to take a look at the fla and swf.
trickey a bit, but it works.

Thanks again

Glad you worked it out! I was out of pocket for a couple of days, that’s why you didnt hear from me sooner.

Good job!