Custom Titles

Hi Everyone,
You may notice that below the my name on the left side, there is a custom title. For me it is!

If anyone wants to get a custom title (who wouldn’t), reply here with the ** title that you want to have** and I will give you the title that you choose. Make it unique and appropriate as always :wink:

can you change my title to Elite Flasher Guy

Hey Donny,
I assigned you your title. You may want to test it to make sure it works :wink:

I would like the title, “Opener of ways.”

In case anyone is wondering, Upuaut was the god named “opener of ways” in ancient Egyptian mythology. (It was also the name of a small robot used to explore the “air” shafts in the great pyramid of Giza.)

I assigned you your title upuaut8. You may want to test to see if the title works!

I would like Ms. ZANDALEA

if I may…

Hello WebMasterz5,
Yes, you may! I have assigned you the title Ms. ZANDALEA.


Thank you

I just fixed the title Webmasterz5. For some reason it didn’t accept the first time. I hope it works…

I think all ezboard is having some problems…


ok, that’s good to know. I was able to change on of the previous posters title…I hope they rectify the problem soon.


Thanks Kirupa

testing this again…

alright,thanks Kirupa…

Hi Kirupa,
I am new to and its ezboard, but I can guarantee you that I’ll be using it frequently in the future. What you are doing with and its adjoining ezboard is truly a great thing for the Flash community. I commend you.

If it’s not too much trouble, I would like my Custom Title to read:
** 100% injenuity**

Thanks in advance. I will be using some of your Flash Tutorials to create a new sig soon. :smiley: I think so much of you and your site already that I already added you into my signature … I pulled your Flash logo from the source code, I hope this is OK. If it isn’t just tell me, and I will remove it. :slight_smile:

:mad: :mad: :mad: Why is my HTML so friggin’ sloppy?!

>Please don’t mess this post up pretty little sig<

Ah Crap!!! Now the sig must go. :mad: I will make a good one that’s not cut and paste. :lol:

:lol: , it’s ok… we only learn from making mistakes.

can i have " VR bishonen "

Sorry, I have moved your post to forum, “Site Check” as it is more appropriate there, then here. Thank you for posting.[mod]Upuaut

Thanks, and now who Opened this way for me?
Kirupa, I’d be happy to see “aka Mr Freeze” under the eyezberg, if you find the time to change that…thanks in advance.