Cyan: newsletter cover

SCAD’s student-run graphics design organization, counterform, has a monthly newsletter we produce, CYAN. the first issue for this year features an article about type-god Matthew Carter, and this is the cover I came up that is marginally associated with it.

that is dam sweet…speechless.

That is really really really nice.
One thing buggin me though.
The dotted lines are a bit short of touching the top and bottom of the characters. I don’t know if that was intentional or a part of blue (blue :P) prints or not. If it is, just disregard that.

Other than that I am totally in love with that and wish I had that much creativity.

I didin’t come up with the “type breakdown”, the VIce President of the org did.

Apparently, in Type I and Type II, we’re required to make our own fonts, and break down fonts - and this is how it looks when that’s done.

looks awsome :slight_smile:

did u actually make that bg pic?

looks sweet!