Cybertruck - 77% Less Wiring! ⚡️

This is probably the neatest part of the Cybertruck I’ve seen so far! :squid:

From this tweet:

You know how cars have huge wiring harnesses?

That’s because each component needs its own set of wires, connected to the central ECUs, in order to function.

Every speaker, every switch, every sensor, every actuator, every button.

Tesla threw out that entire system for Cybertruck.

Instead, they’re running gigabit ethernet cabling with a 48v power + data CAN bus to every component— all on the same cable.

Instead of running one wiring harness to the driver door speaker, and another to the driver’s door window motor, they can daisy-chain them together on the same self-contained cable interface. Your computer could connect to your door handle using the same wire that’s already been through your speaker, window, ambient lights, and steering wheel.

Each of those devices/components listen to the continuous stream of data for a command relevant to its operation.

By doing this,Tesla was able to reduce the total wiring in the Cybertruck by 77%, using 1/2 the copper.

This is pretty cool. If only they put as much effort into the unbreakable windows. :goggles:

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Absolutely! We have a Tesla (Model Y), and it fails at a lot of the things a car of that price is good for…like build quality and a quiet ride. It more than makes up for it with the simplified dashboard, OTA updates just like our phones, mobile service that comes to your home, and lightning fast acceleration.

I am still torn on whether we would buy another Tesla, but the Cybertruck looks cool just from a nerdy tech point of view! :nerd_face:

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