Cylons vs. UNSC vs. UFP vs. Galactic Federation vs. Corneria

So, in a way between the Cylons, the UFP (United Federation of Planets from Star Trek), the Galactic Federation (Samus Aran works for them in Metroid series), the UNSC (humans) from Halo and Halo 2, and the Cornerian army (from Star Fox), who would win?

The Cylons are a nice mix of sabatoge, ground warfare, and space warfare, but their space vessels (in terms of numbers) don’t seem to measure up to Trek.

The UFP has pwnage space power. Their genesis torpedo can destroy an entire planet. They have hundreds upon hundreds of starships, they can cloak perfectly, and can teleport instantly. However, their ground forces are horrific. No offense, but the Federation ground forces are like police officers, not a heavy military force.

The Galactic Federation has nice shields, as well as guns that turn people to ice (the ammo of which never runs out) as well as the ability for troops to coil into tiny balls and move around very quickly.

The UNSC from Halo has genetically engineered super soldiers, who are quite formidable with their heavy armor, and their ground vehicles are quite strong. Their AI rival that of Star Trek, and their space fleet ain’t too shabby.

The Cornerian Army has Arwings, which can take quite a beating and deliver a hefty amount of firepower while remaining fast and agile.

This is my breakdown:

Deep Space Battle:

  1. Federation (Star Trek)
  2. Cylons
  3. Corneria
  4. Galactic Federation (Metroid)
  5. UNSC (Halo)

Battle on Planet:

  1. Galactic Federation (Metroid)
  2. UNSC (Halo)
  3. Cylons
  4. Federation (Star Trek)
  5. Corneria


  1. Federation (Star Trek)
  2. UNSC (Halo)
  3. Galactic Federation (Metroid)
  4. Cylons
  5. Corneria

I think ultimatly the Federation’s wide array of battleships with very accurate weapons would win. I think cloaking tech would also come in handy.

I think the UNSC wouldn’t be able to match the Federation in space as they don’t seem to have as much accuracy as the Federation guns, and they don’t have any heavy guns rivaling the genesis torpedo, and they don’t have transporters. But I think they would be able to do a lot of damage with their highly effective marines, and could make capturing a planet impossible for any opposing forces.

I think the Galactic Federation would kill on the ground, but their space frigates don’t seem to be up to UNSC quality.

A couple of Sovergin class cruisers firing EMPS off at the Cylons, nuff said. But I don’t think the Cornerians would be bright enough to figure that out.

The Cornerians have the Arwings, but they don’t appear to have much else. And they’re just one planet. A sovergin class starship with some heavy weapons could pwn a few arwings with their highly accurate photon torpedos.