Is it just me… Or are the battle forums here slowly starting to die off… Not too much mod activity and the contestants in contests are starting to dominish…

Maybe it’s just me… :upset:


Replies are lower day by day…

More battles must be made!!!

totaly agree… that cd cover battle ii has no more activity since, let me say, 1 month?

what happened here? lazy? :wink:

No… Mods are getting busy… And I think… Eilsoe? are you the Battle MOD or is Dan the battle mod… Forgive my stupidity I just woke up… :beer:

But he may be busy also… because we need a mod to move around the topics to weed out the bad battles and bring in the new fresh ones… And if the battle mod is busy, then this will start to diminish…

That and the fact that the recet battles have been pretty lame if you think about it :wink:

Too much talking…
There’s no battle, battles are bad…
why don’t you just suggest one battle?

For example: the best navigation bar

It’s not very original but… At least I’ve made a purpose

I make a purpose everyday here… It’s called helping people out on Flash MX, Server Side and Web Developement…

It’s my sole purpose… But getting people to notice that Battle is dead, might liven it up some.

what if the internet is full?

What if there are many hackers and the blow my computer up?:red:

They certainly managed to blow that ‘y’ off the end of ‘they’. I’d be afraid. DEADLY AFRAID! What if they come after your 'e’s? ooooh!

We have to pm a mod? No wonder my platformer battle thread is collecting dust.

We don’t need more battles. I think we need more general ones, with incentive.

Or we could have some kind of colleseum, where combatants make their entries, which are then selected and placed into battles. The forum would then pretty much run itself since users don’t have to be there to enter battles.

This of course is a silly suggestion since this would add heinous amounts of work to the already overworked mods and could conceivable become just a place for people to stick their content online.

Any other suggestions then?