Dear david re: loadURL help

david, thanks so much for the repley.

i am studying the thread you told me to see, but didn’t quite get it to work yet.

this is what i am trying to do, in detail…

i have a original fla movie, A, which is embedded in a html page. within A, i created button C to have another fla movie, B appear in a new window(chromless javascript window). that wasn’t a problem.
but i am having trouble to make the button C go to a specific frame label in B. i also want to make another button, D inside A, which goes to a different frame label within B.

is this simular to your previous posting?

ok… probebly the reason it doesn’t work is that you’re using that chromless window. I’m not 100% sure how that works in that situation.
Now… if the window had a label, like a frame, then you could call out to it… but I’m not all that sure window’s do. I’ll have to take a look around and get back to you.