Defend Your Castle Clone

Hey everyone,
I made my first flash footer and it’s a Defend Your Castle Clone. So what do you think of it?

nice one :slight_smile:
but if you want it to stay your footer you should resize it (else it will be replaced by the Kirupa “doesn’t adhere” one).
Footers at may not be bigger than
300px width and
60px height

oh oops forgot about that. thanks for the notice

EDIT: oog, i have to resize my game now, it doesnt fit well

there we go, how does it look?

how does it look?

smaller :stuck_out_tongue:

lol thanks
i’m gonna improve it with more enemies, powerups etc.

kinda cool…

however, when you lose and click again or whatever the guys are still on the screen and the score just keeps getting lower

yah i noticed that too i’m gonna fix it

EDIT: Updated:D