Fixed my footer!

well at the request of a few i shotent my footer :beam: lemme know if this is better

Much better :slight_smile:

Your other footer filled my whole window, I used to be able to read 2 or 3 posts in one view, but then you decided to have 16 footer items and I had to scroll and scroll and scroll just to get past your post.

Keep in mind us small monitored people!

lol, well now my XBox stuff is inside and i everyting else exept for click around is inside. i might put that inside too though.

I guess I hsould fix mine then too right Lost? :slight_smile:

Well yours actually goes against Kirupas required 300x60 limit, but mdipis was about 4 times the size of yours…lol.

speaking of footers…remember dans" it was 100x larger than mdipis lol …i think i like the new one better