Definition of The MC (Microphone Controller or Movie Clip?)

Soul Searching written by Da’ Operative 06/18/02

In 1992 Chuck D. asked, “Who stole The Soul?”
In 2002 I ask, “Who’ll save The Soul?”
I design daily in order to build my portfolio of unique flash projects
So I don’t end up homeless, in jail or worst; living in the projects
As a product of 2nd Generation Hip Hop I’m often dismissed as being too intelligent
Too creative, too traditional, too original which makes me irrelevant
To these Johnny come lately MC’s whose vocabulary is limited to rat, dog and cat
So now I’m mislabeled as Old School by the ignorant New School Pop Music fool
Who think platinum and ice equates to love and respect as long as you follow what they define as cool
I don’t sport designer logos, which makes me an androgynous designer
I’m often the target of feeble-minded pop rappers because I take part in the finer
Things in life like books, art, music and sometimes gourmet meals and wine
Where sometimes I’m frowned upon in restaurants because I refuse to eat any products of swine
I don’t listen to broadcast radio because they barely play good music
I often visit sites like where I can find real hip hop and soul music
I download mp3’s then purchase the album because I love it when people marvel at my CD collection
There’s something about being a designer and musician where I can make the connection
Between harmonies, textures, melodies, motion, rhythm, lines and rhymes
Which inspires my life, music, spirit and designs
I want to be comfortable but I don’t think I’d be comfortable being just monetarily rich
I rather be wealthy in knowledge and love then to be another ignorant b**ch
Like many of the fools who the other fools choose to follow
I can’t speak openly to others like this because they can’t bare to swallow
The red pill which deconstructs the either which serves as the mask
-7.c is the base solution to questions your soul often ask
E=mc2 is a distraction like Jennings, Brokaw, Rather and Blitzer
You can still be like Rudy while I’ll admire Spitzer
Dan the Automator fulfilled his end so now I’ll return the favor
By producing my album in time for my British and Japanese Neighbors
While designing my site in time for launch date 03.03.03
Which will “Set the Record Straight” so I can be free
Of my opponents with components that will reverse their strategic besmirching
Until then my friend continue your Soul Searching

I just thought I’d share that with my peers.-Peace DaOperative.

Peace brother.

As a fellow lover clasical music, literature, and poetry I empathize. Though I do not know what it’s like to have a slew of my so called peers talking trash about me because of it. I probebly avoid this by being a hermit. :slight_smile: