Simple Newbie Question (MC?)

I’ve been going through the ActionScript Tutorials and Im wondering what’s meant by ‘MC’.


Movie Clip.

hehe. easy enough:)

though i think in tutorials they should say “Movie Clip” instead of mc…

as or AS = actionscript

…just in case… :slight_smile:

and : welcome , Mark!
You’ll learn quickly here, don’t worry.
1 favor 2 ask: when you got a question, post it with an explicit title (well done) and only in one/the corresponding board, saves time…just in case, not meaning to say you did wrong…

That gool ol’ Eyezberg. Stop it, or you’ll scare him away…

Thanks good people

No worries eyezberg, makes sense to me, I’ll be doing that in future.

And when he says ‘explicit’ titles, that’s in the non-mind-in-the-gutter type way. Just before any smart alec decides to get clever. :slight_smile: