Design My Tattoo and Get Money!

Well. I am getting a tattoo, but I suck at drawing. I will have one on my back (the top area, but more towards one side in the corner, like the back of my shoulder blade). The other will be on the outside of my arm up by the shoulder. High enough that most of it will be hidden with a T-Shirt. I want to incorporate the use of either Italy (the actual physical shape of Italy) or do do with the flag in one of the tattoos. Also maybe my last name “Alu” used in one, most likely the one on my back.

I will give $15 through paypal for the best design. I will do one contest now and one for the next tattoo. I may up the price throughout the competition, but the price will not go lower than $15. Not much money, but who knows, maybe it will be fun competing to get a tattoo put on my arm and back. Hey, I’ll even take a picture and you can put it in your portfolio.

Any takers?