Design Nigthmare


I am trying to get the effect on the logo of the haunted mansion site. Glass framed in stone etc. Just check the link.

I have trie a lot or things but never go this right. How do I go about creating the logo ad the general texture of the site?

Help would be great, specific please.

you would need some nice highlights, and smart layer modes… try using a little bit of the lighting effect tool or even a layer and air brush some specular highlights to get that glass shine look.

Can i see your version, then we can go from there.

As you can see, I am truly far from it

well to start the middle part of your image takes away any realism you can get with that stone texture effect. as you notice on the haunted site, the metal coverage is whole, and then the glow is like a hue… hmm let me see what i can come up with… in th meantime try getting rid of that middle, changing the type to white, making a selection around the cicle, decrease selection by 1px, use filter / spherize to get that bulgy effect. and then make a layer and play around with painting highlights and and opacity…

You could hit the middle circle with a “Glass” style (I think PS CS comes with a couple glass styles). Is that middle part on it’s own layer?