Design on an iMac?

ok, i dont really know too much about mac, but I want one!! :hugegrin:

i am looking at imacs. does anybody here have an imac they use for design? the specs of the 20 inch imac, if you go to all out, look pretty good.

at work we use pc, and at home i use a pc as well. i do alot of webwork, and print stuff. it is surely time for another machine, but i have no idea where i want to go here. i have a huge project that i just bought new domains for and it will demand some things never done from my office.

do you all think that i should wait to see what vista is all about, and continue on my current machine, or go ahead and get this sexeh little imac?

i have already looked into tranferring licenses for my software, and cs2 will roll right over, and i think my studio mx will too.

so, hold out or go spend some loot?

has anyone recently switched over from pc to mac? was it a difficult transistion?
is anyone a hardcore mac fan? why?
is anyone connvinced that a pc is the way to go? why?

also, since the G5 is expandable to 8 gig :red: that may be the way to go, and increase memory as i can afford???

thanks people