iMac G5

Apple has introduced the iMac G5:

What if you could fit your whole life — all your music, all your photos, all your movies, all your email — in a computer as fun and useful as an iPod? Now you can. Introducing the futuristic iMac G5 in 17- and 20-inch widescreen models. The entire computer, including a G5-based logic board, slot-loading optical drive, hard disk, speakers, and even the power supply — dwells inside the enchanting display. Modern living starts at $1299.

I was looking for this all day yesterday thinking it’d popup then :trout:

I still like the last generation the best.

It looks like it would be very top heavy. Cool and top heavy :wink:

definitely one step closer to the G5 powerbook =)

They’d better come out with that soon, or else I think my dad will die using his very very old G4. (He got it near the beginning of the G4 lifespan.)


…hmm, yeah. come to think of it, the iMac G4 was a lot more striking and revolutionary in terms of design…
still nice that they managed to get the G5 chip into such a small package! as said before, its one step closer
to a G5 laptop :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Go Apple™.

i wish there was less plastic around the screen, a little more streamline. other than that its ingenius.

Haha… How small do you want it slickeye?

I just want the dual 30 inch HD moniters :slight_smile:

Is that all?

I’m no big iMac fan, but the new one is really a wowzer.

Find out more at:

My dad’s still using his G3 Bubble Mac :wink:

This iMac looks pretty cool, but I also liked the last design better.

yeah… one thing is, the G4 iMac was really striking and different.
this one just looks like an oversized LCD, and i dont think people will automatically assume that it is the whole computer unless you tell them… if i saw that somewhere, i’d just assume there’s a tower underneath the desk.

like slickeye said, it is a bit chunky and… err… square-ish. it’s starting to lean towards the more commercialised style of the G5 and the new displays (although they did keep the glossy whiteness).

i dunno… the ‘cute’-factor has kinda gone downhill :frowning:

well, when they find out that it is a whole computer then they will be like- “wow”

We have over another year EASY! January wont come with news of a new Poewrbook, and if it does, it will be a G4 still.

The exessive heat issues still going on with a G4 PB (although they have gotten better, im on my second G4 PB and its a lot cooler than the first) will make it a lot harder for us to move to a new PPC.

The new iMac is nice but i dont like that chunky bottom. I was at the Apple Store today where i saw the monitors and frankly i was hoping it would be more like that. With the screen to the bottom, and barley a fringe.

Its nice that we have a G5 iMac now even if its not like i expected, and the 20" is a steal in pricing!

This is a VERY tempting buy for me…

If you chopped off the stand you could pretend you were using a Powerbook G5!

LOL! :lol: omg thats so true!

Seriously tho… a relatively next-gen, powerful processor like the G5 down to $1300 bucks!

AUUGH, I WANT IT!!! I don’t even CARE about the margin at the bottom! I WANT ONE!

what if you want a bigger screen ? you gotta change everything…

what if your cdrom has a default ? gotta return the whole thing ?

what if your motherboard screws up ? you have to buy a whole new comp, not just a tower…

Imo putting everythin together wasn’t that smart. We’ll see how sales go…

bleh. and here we go again with another Mac-slammer :puzzled:
If you dont know already, the iMac G5 is one of the first of the all-in-one models to be user-servicable. That means everything from the optical drive, HD, video card, and mobo (i think the screen can even be changed).

What you say is partly true, in that if there IS something wrong with the equipment manufacturing-wise, you return the whole thing and get a new one :smiley:

:stuck_out_tongue: Mac Mac Mac Mac Mac Mac Mac Mac Mac Mac Mac Mac Mac :stuck_out_tongue: