Design page for desktop and Android & ios - React Native?

Just read about React Native to design once and use it for Android and IOS devices, sounds great. But how to design for a desktop page also (like using Firefox or Thunderbird)?

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gNeandr - the nice thing about React Native is that you can share a fair amount of your code with React Web. You will have two codebases (React Native for iOS, Android) and (React Web for mobile/desktop browsers), but you can maximize code sharing depending on how your have your project setup.

One technique I’ve used is creating JSX components that are as “common” as possible and having them shared between my Web and Native projects. For those rare-ish situations where I need a platform-specific custom JSX component, I just add them to the appropriate project.

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I too have this doubt. How can I reuse the web component (UI part) in react native? React native doesn’t use divs, img etc. So how can I create JSX in an independent way that will work on web as well as mobile? Is it possible?

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