How to make website and android App

Hi, is it possible to make website in node js with template engine and restful api (toghather) for android

Do you want Node actually running on your device? Will the restful API be something living on a remote server, or will it be internal to your app and your client code will send requests to the “server” side of your app and get data back?

Native mobile App with node js backend server (and that backend server already serving a webiste using template engine.?

Are you looking to wrap the website and have it appear inside your native app?

yes but i am not talking about responsive design…

like some website also provide their api

The simplest solution would be to use a webview in your native Android app that points to your website :slight_smile:

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Thank u

Check out react native :slight_smile:

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I have separate website and application. Also my website has mobile version, it is must have in 2018. I recommend you to work with it, here is some info for you

Hi, Funny you should mention that. I am looking at doing something similar. I am working on a nice simple little diet or nutrition app with a real friendly UI. And I could see it working well as an Android app. I was going to go and learn Android development as part of my CPD anyway but I have been a bit distracted for a moment with SVG and Canvas. Having looked at possible best route in to Android from small developer point of view might be have a look a Android studio by Google after all it is their baby and the Android Cook Book, O’Riley. Just a thought